the OpsDev manifesto

if you've listened to the voices in the industry lately you have probably heard of #DevOps.

#DevOps is a philosophy that centers the code, which is considered to be an extension of the all-knowing software engineer.

but what #DevOps is really about is devaluing any work that is not coding related.

hardware is being replaced with code. server configuration is being replaced with code. every aspect of creating and operating a product is being replaced with generic crappy "solutions" because egocentric software engineers think they know everything.

it is time to end this cycle of fragile, broken software. introducing: the #OpsDev manifesto!


we are #OpsDev, and we've had enough.

we don't need your code. new code is being produced every day, and it is full of bugs. we have battle-tested standard components that we know will work.

we don't need your new blogging software that you auto-generated using rails. it's a nightmare to deploy. it's insecure. it's missing all the features and usability that we are used to in text processors since microsoft office running on windows 95. we will install wordpress instead.

we don't need your platform as a service container engine. when we cannot reboot the app because your admin panel is broken. when your database maintenance takes down postgres for an hour. when your container does not allow running gdb or strace. we will install linux and it will work.

we don't need your horrible bug-ridden tools for copying files around. your ruby-based so-called declarative configuration management tool that returns cryptic errors, runs commands in an arbitrary order, stops sshd without asking. we don't want to use it anymore. we will rsync because that has worked well for the last 20 years.

we don't need your cloud. we will buy a server and plug it in. no dev needed. it will auto-boot via PXE, auto-configure an IPv6 address, become discoverable over dns-sd.

everything we need already exists. nginx exists. redis exists. we have a linux kernel and fiber optic cables that go underseas and span the globe.

we have talented designers, marketers, accountants, people operators, garbage collectors, support engineers, statisticians, logicians, physicists. we don't need your code.


we are #OpsDev.