★rsync vs ★nsync

hello and welcome back to another episode of video killed the radio star ⭐️! today we are going to compare ★rsync vs ★nsync!

★rsync is a command-line tool for delta-based file transfer. ★nsync on the other hand is a boi band from the 90s. lol.

we will be judging both of these tools on various arbitrary categories.


the question is, who will be able to harness the demonic power?

★rsync ★nsync
you can run ★rsync in daemon mode to suck the souls out of your files. it will bind to the port on your host and create a gate to hell. as part of the illuminati, ★nsync have close ties to demonic shitlords. however, because justin quit the group to write cry me a river he became haunted and was forced to shave off his mustache.

this round clearly goes to ★rsync! that daemon mode is super badass and has enough demonic power to kill a dad, theoretically.


★rsync ★nsync
ya so in ★rsync you have native ssh support. so you can secure shell on the jersey shore. in cry me a river, justin is basically telling britney to shut up. if that's not a case of shh i don't know what is.

sorry unix siblings but this one goes to ★nsync! justin just knows how to silence his enemies securely.


★rsync ★nsync
based on its unique design, ★rsync ships with an amazing algorithm for incremental transfer and dropbox ripped it off lmfao. it's well known that after a few drinks of alco, justin has the best rhythm. when he rocks that body everyone drools.

justin is impressive and all, but he has nowhere near the reach that dropbox has. so this one goes to ★rsync.

seriously, dropbox. everyone uses it to store their files without encryption. it's great because when you want to share the latest episode of buffy the vampire slayer, you don't actually have to upload it to dropbox at all! just drop the file in the 'box, dropbox will lookup the hash and find the original already exists and serve it to all of your friends at high speeds!

incredible. algorithmic. power.


★rsync ★nsync
★rsync was not the fastest when it was starting out but now it just keeps getting faster. when ★nsync started out they were all super hot and popular and were performing all the time. since their breakup in 2002 ... not so much. however, they actually reunited at the mtv vmas in 2013.

this just in: i mean ... what a comeback! holy shit, ★nsync win the prize for old dads on stage and justin's douchey fedora! playback's a bro, quite literally.


★rsync ★nsync
★rsync is an awesome tool for syncing many files across your data center. ★nsync used to be a boi band.

★nsync wins! 🎉 congratulations! 🎉

*nsync lookin all cute and weird